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New Concept Cables HQ 

Concept C.png

Concept Cables have acquired a four-acre plot next door to the main facility in Blandford Forum.

Managing Director John Kewley said:

"The acquisition of the new four-acre site is an exciting and significant step in the growth and future of Concept Cables Ltd.

This will give us enough space to expand our production capabilities, offering our customers an even better service and range of products.

Where we are currently operating out of three remote sites, the move to one location will not only improve the flow of manufacturing processes but will also greatly reduce the number of vehicle movements between them, further reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

I am extremely proud of the professional and hard-working team of employees that have helped make Concept Cables one of the premier technical cable manufacturing companies in the UK".


We are currently re-furbishing the current buildings and are  looking to partially move the business by the end of the year, completing the move during 2022 once the existing building has been extended and a new office complex has been built.

As you can see below, the site has an exstensive shopfloor area that we can utilise.
Being able to arrange all the machinery and departments in a lean and efficient manner will help us to be more streamlined. This will better support our ability to rapidly react and adapt to customer needs.
The whole team is looking forward getting together to share a single workspace, building stronger relations and opening opportunities for learning new skills.

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